SARY Wigs and Bonei Olam Vzakeini Team Up in Exciting FREE Giveaway

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SARY Wigs and Bonei Olam are teaming up to help even more couples. For every email address you send this to, you will get one free entry to win a $2500 wig by SARY! The more people you send to, the more entries. It’s that simple.



  1. Click HERE
  2. Enter as many email addresses as you can
  3. Make sure to keep info cc’ed in the email so we can track your entries
  4. SEND


For every email address you forward to, you will get one entry!

The more addresses, the more entries!

Make sure that you leave in the TO line, so we can record your entries. CLICK HERE TO START


IVF treatment is effective for many different fertility issues. But $18,000 is the cost of a simple IVF treatment (if we can even call it that). When there is something more complex like a genetic mutation, andrology issue (male infertility), or a woman who requires further testing, the price of treatment is much higher.

Through V’zakeini, Bonei Olam has uncovered something –

There is a movement here.

There is achdus of feeling for another, doing for another. To give and to daven for another.

There is the power of together.

And then the thought occurred, there are so many women in Klal Yisrael and so many couples awaiting treatment who face costs far more than the average, why stop the effort at 18,000 sponsors?


Bonei Olam has decided to grow the V’zakeini group of 18,000 women to 25,000. Every $1 donation will come together to fund IVF treatments- some that cost $18,000 and some that cost more, and the tefilos will continue to carry the couple’s own prayers. 


If you haven’t joined yet, you can still sign up for the merit of doing, caring, and davening for your fellow Jew! 


Sign up today…and be a part of miraclestomorrow!



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