Satmar Follows Rav Dushinsky’s Ruling To No Longer Fundraise Using The Internet

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The instructions of Admor of Dushinsky to his mosdos to no longer raise money for hisĀ  using Internet platforms has now received backing from Satmar.

In contrast to many courts and institutions that use platforms such as Machining or Dostart, the Admor of Dushinsky ordered his chassidus officials to completely cut off all contact with the Internet, even in order to raise tzeddakah funds.

This step reached the ears of the Rebbe of Satmarwho decided to stand alongside Dushinsky and not allow Internet to be use for tzeddakah campaigns.

In response, the heads of the Dushinsky institutions sent a special letter to the heads of the Va’ad Tahrirno, in which they thank the Satmar Chasidim who have breathed life into the campaign.

In parallel to the Satmar support, Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch sent a letter to the institutions of Dushinsky, in which he praised the court that had taken upon itself a detachment from the Internst.



  1. Good for them. I always get a kick out of those who speak out against the internet yet carry smartphones. Do as I say not as I do.

  2. Amazing! So many Mosdos forbid the internet for their parent body and rail against it, while simultaneously sending notifications solely through email and having major online fundraisers. The glaring double standard is then answered with all kinds of (Krume) cheshbonos. A breath of fresh air to know that “Emes” as it was once known still exists! May the Eibeshter match all donations given to these Mosdos more than any Charidy compaign.

    • or maybe mosdos should stop judging the composition of their student body on what color underwear their fathers wear. A Talmid Chocham can come from a “tv home” as it can come from an “internet home”. or even a “smartphone home”!

  3. Just for your information Satmar practiced this a few months ago already, in a Tzedakah campaign in Monroe , which was done without any internet use…..
    The chiddush here with the Dushinsky Mosdos Campaign that when the Dushinsky Rebbe decided to cancel their planned internet campaign, Satmar decided to give them special financial &!moral support , to be mechazek them in this inyan


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