Satmar Leadership Enraged After Girls Visit IDF Museum

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Memebers of the Satmar kehilla were enraged after an Israeli Satmar girls summer camp were spotted visiting an IDF museum, Behadrei Haredim reports.

The Armoured Corps Museum in Latrun, near Modiin, is built on the site of a famous battle during the War for Independence in 1948 and memorializes Israel’s tank corps. Early this week, photos surfaced of hundreds of chassidishe girls enjoying a field trip at the site, which caused widespread condemnation throughout the anti-Israel community.

Following an outcry from followers in both Israel and the United States, Satmar  in Israel released a statement apologizing for the visit and explained that the girls had entered the ‘impure army museum’ because it was the only way to get to the nearby Latrun Park.

The letter stressed that “the next day, camp administrators published a special announcement to all the students who were at the army museum telling them it was a mistake and done unknowingly”.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. The Satmar Rebbe shlit”a is 100% right. It really was a shameful act of the girls to visit a place that has so much tumah whose goal is to shmad religious Jews.

  2. This breakdown in values is happening because today there should of been a half million chareidim closing Jerusalem as the toeiva parade marched. Yes there was a protest but not against the toeiva parade. It was against the draft. The israeli government sees chareidim are not real so they can be drafted. If chareidim were like their grandparents they would never draft them.

  3. It’s Actually a Shin Bet Plot,
    After their success at training sharks and falcons to attack Egypt, and their success at controlling the weather in Tehran and creating earthquakes in the north, they have now taken over, and control the minds of the administrators of the Satmar girls school, thereby sending the innocent girls into the traif museum. It’s those accursed Zionists.!!

  4. What’s the story with visiting day in the Catskills? Must we shlep up from the City even if our kids said we should not come (si paas nisht)? We just saw them a week & a half ago. Are we michuyav to make the 8 hour round trip, so we can say hi, eat lunch, use the bathroom, take a picture and then head home? What do they charge for gas in Liberty? I promise I won’t visit any army museum.

  5. Maybe they should visit the ahvas yisroel museum. The one that has exhibits and teaches how to love every yid even though they are different. And also teaches how brothers should behave to one another.

  6. Fact is the Zionist are anti Torah. They destroyed the religious yeminite Jews. They cut up dead Jews with forced autopsies. They give three free abortions to every Jewish girl in their army. They run the biggest gay parade in all of the Middle East. They allow tattoo shops all over the place including Jerusalem. Chillul shabbos all over the place. No Jewish education in their public schools. Digging of graves of great sages. Allowing thousands of Arab terrorists who killed Jews free. Destroying Jewish communities like gush Katif,yamit and Amona among others. They are our enemy.

    • Agreed. One can blame our so-called Charedie Knesset members who were as quiet as a mouse. For Chillul Shabbos they put on a whole show about “resigning” & “leaving the Knesset” which turned out to be a immature game. But for toaiva, not a peep of protest out of them. Pheh. Shame on them for being such phonies. Esther hamalka took her opportunity to save the Yidden. Our so-called Charedie Knesset members did just the opposite. Pheh.


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