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satmar-rebbeThe 21st of Kislev marks the observance and celebration of the miraculous rescue of Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, zt”l (1886-1979), founding Satmar Rebbe and author of Divrei Yoel. Incredibly, an entire transport of important Jewish personalities was smuggled out of the clutches of the heavily bribed Nazi monsters. On this day in 1944 the Satmar Rebbe was smuggled into Switzerland. His escape ultimately enabled the reorganization and revitalization of the then-decimated Satmar community and of chassidishe life in general after the Holocaust.

The anniversary is celebrated by chassidim throughout the world; the two present Satmar Rebbes, brothers Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum and Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, conduct separate events, each with the simultaneous participation of as many as 20,000 people. Much effort is invested in securing a local facility large enough to accommodate the large attendance as well as all of its component preparations.

The gathering led by Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum this year will take place on Motzaei Shabbos Vayeishev, November 27, and have a threefold purpose in addition to honoring the rescue of the Divrei Yoel. The event is the annual keynote affair generating financial support for the boys’ yeshiva as well as for the Beis Ruchel schools for girls. In addition, this year’s occasion will serve as the siyum mesechta of the kehilla which just completed Mesechta Sotah, the tenth mesechta in the kehilla’s Yesodei HaTorah program. Upon formal completion of Mesechta Sotah, the kehilla will immediately commence the study of Mesechta Pesachim.

Another anticipated highlight at this year’s event will be the grand celebration of sheva berachos of the Rebbe’s granddaughter upon her marriage to Chaim Yaakov Rokeach, son of Rabbi Yoel Rokeach, Monsey Kozlover Rav; son of Rabbi Meir Rokeach, Kozlover Rebbe in Boro Park; son of Rabbi Moshe Rokeach, zt”l (1898-1970), Kozlover Rebbe who emigrated to the United States in 1931 together with his father, Rabbi Mayer Rokeach, zt”l (1871-1941), Kozlover Rebbe; son of Rabbi Avrohom Yehoshua Heshel Rokeach, zt”l (1836-1890), Pshemishel Rebbe; son of Rabbi Moshe Rokeach, zt”l (d. 1883), Karover Rebbe; son of Rabbi Sholom Rokeach, zt”l (1783-1855), founding Belzer Rebbe renowned as the Sar Sholom. The chassan is also a grandson of Rabbi Moshe Rosner, Monsey Pupa Rav.

The kallah is the daughter of Rabbi Shimon Zev Meisels, Rav of the Beirach Moshe district of Kiryas Yoel and author of Sefer Binyan Shimon. She is also the granddaughter of Rabbi Yekusiel Yehuda Meisels, Seagate Rav, and great-granddaughter of Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua Hager, Bnei Brak Vishnitzer Rebbe. Rabbi Shimon Zev Meisels is the son-in-law of Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, Satmar Rebbe.

{Rabbi G. Tannenbaum-Machberes/}


  1. #1/anon: An apostate Jew named Rudolf Kastner YM”S working (hand-in-hand with Adolf Eichmann YM”S) to liquidate Hungarian Jewry to the gas chambers in Auscwitz, was saving his friends and cronies, but to cloak the fact he was almost exclusively putting his zionist friends on the escape train, he needed a few faces outside his circle. Thus the miraculous rescue.

  2. ” but to cloak the fact he was almost exclusively putting his zionist friends on the escape train, he needed a few faces outside his circle. Thus the miraculous rescue”.

    Rudolf Kastner may or may not have been an apikoros, but even Ben Torah #2 openly acknowledges Kastner’s key role in saving the Satmar Rebbe’s life.

    Given the precept in Sanhedrin 4:8 (37a):

    “Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world”,

    I think that the totally repugnant use of the epithet YM”S is out of place in Ben Torah’s comment.

    Ben Torah’s justification of YM”S will be warmly welcomed – by me, at least.

  3. There is a recent book about Kastner by Anna Porter. The name of the book is “Kastner’s Train”. She has done extensive research about this topic and has attempted to clear Kastner’s name. She documents in the book that not only did he save the people on the the train which was over a thousand Jews, including the Satmar Rebbe, ZT’L, he also made a deal saving an additional 20,000 Jews. Instead of deporting them to Auschwitz, they were sent to Austria to work camps and survived the war. So, I think it is wrong to make such strong condemning statements as “Ben Torah” above.

  4. The condemnation of Kasztner lies in the fact that he did not alert Hungarian Jewry about their awaiting fate. He had made a deal with the Nazis that his silence would be rewarded with the freedom 600 Jews. Meanwhile half a million of Hungarian Jews were taken to their death, without putting up resistance.
    The Kasztner train ended up carrying 1.684 passengers to freedom.
    In the famous Kasztner trial (documentary can be watched on DVD Mishpat Kastner), Kasztner admitted that he and other Budapest leaders were fully aware of the impending deportations, yet chose to withhold that information from the public in order to continue negotiating with the Nazis.
    After a nine-month trial, Judge Benjamin Halevy concluded that Kasztner had sold his soul to the devil by collaborating with the Nazis.
    Three years later, the Israeli Supreme Court overturned Halevy’s verdict.
    Kasztner remains a controversial figure.
    Although he negotiated the rescue of 1.684 Jews, he nevertheless bears the taint of colaborating with the Nazis

  5. Adolf Eichmann ym”s was primarily responsible for allowing the Kastner Train, much more responsible than Kastner ym”s. Without Eichmann, Kastner could not have a train. So should we thank Eichmann for saving lives on the train? Of course not! Both Eichmann and Kastner were responsible for the mass murder of Hungarian Jewry, as they both worked together to keep the Jews quiet as they shipped them to Auschwitz.

    Anna Porter is a zionist apologist whose failed agenda was to make Nazi collaborator Kastner’s name cleared, just as some people in Germany are trying to clear John Demjanjuk’s name today.

  6. Kastner and his Zionist friends, gurion, Sharat and Weitzman Yemach Shmom Vezichrum were directly responsible for the dead of 800 thousand Hungarian Jews. If the Hungarian Jewry would resist the Nazis, they would easily escape. Not only did the Zionist group silenced the outcry of Rabbi Weissmandl in the free world, but they also lied to the doomed Hungarian Jews to go like flock to their slaughter.

    Well he saved the Satmar Rebbe, but if not for his deal with Eichman, maybe the entire Hungarian Jewry would be saved. And in other noble rescue efforts, Kastner saved the mass Murder Kurt Becher YM”S.

  7. Kastner rescued the Satmar Rebbe ZT”L. There should be some Hakoros Hatov here, instead of hatred. Anna Porter, the “Zionist Apologist” is more credible than the the people that say “Kastner YM”S”.

  8. Actually Adolf Eichmann rescued the Satmar Rebbe (he arranged for the train and allowed the train passage.)

    Perhaps their should be hakaros hatov to Adolf Eichmann for Eichmann having rescued the 1,684 passengers on the train?

    Adolf Eichmann and Rudolf Kastner worked together to keep Hungarian Jewry quiet so the Nazi’s could systematically ship them to Auschwitz, while Kastner who knew this said nothing to them keeping them in the dark, so 600,000 Hungarian Jews could be murdered.

    After the war Kastner returned the favors to his Nazi collaborators by testifying on behalf of Nazi’s (AFTER the war) like Kurt Becher, to free them from their war crimes.


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