Satmar Raises $2 Million To Lobby Prison Reform

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Together with other charedi communities, Satmar has raised some $2 million in recent days to accelerate the reform promoted by the US administration to provide leniency for prisoners and detainees on white-collar crimes.

Fundraising was done using the popular “matching” method whereby every dollar donated is matched a dollar. As part of the campaign, it was made clear that while President Trump “will not stay forever in the White House, the prisoners will rot there for their whole lives.”

Satmar stalwarts claim the current policy is overly strict and any initiative to ease it is vital and welcome.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Kol hakavod. We have to do whatever we can to alleviate the suffering of fellow Yidden. It’s not our job to judge them. That’s for the Aibishter. We have to help them in any way we can.

  2. yes it is true מי כעמך ישראל this is incredible!!!
    but as far as i know it was r’ moshe morgaraten from the new skver community who held the compaign

    • How about not generalizing? Additionally I’d bet you’ve never dealt with Italians, amongst many other non Jews.
      Just wondering if everybody you’ve dealt with would agree you were always honest. And if yes, I hope together with you they don’t use the pulpit to slander all of us together.

  3. Kushner’s pet project closest to his heart is prison reform bc his dad did time. Is there a way to get him to make this push for free and reallocate the $2M to parents as tuition subsidy and for weddings?

  4. The Hamodia had an entire piece on this. All the credit should go to r’ moshe morgaraten and the people who worked on this for over 10+ years. Now if Satmar was working behind the scenes the entire time that is one thing. But for Satmar to take credit now is really not fair. Also on Monday the senate announced that they would be putting the bill up to a vote before the end of the year. So why are they collecting 2 million for???

  5. This is not the type of thing for frum people to be lobbying for in golus. It’s a terrible idea that the only time the frum community goes out and lobbies for something that doesn’t directly affect the frum community is for something so controversial.

    This is the type of thing that will get us a lot of enemies on one side but get us no friends on the other side. I already see the articles writing about this in the secular media and on the blogs and “ouch!”

    Please don’t do this. The anti-Semites write enough against us.

      • Firstly it’s not so simple that one should try to do “Pidyon Shevuyim” for those who guilty of fraud. I can think of many Gedolim who paskened and very strongly felt that you should not try to help them but I’m not getting into that debate.

        This however isn’t even an issue of “Pidyon Shevuyim”. This is an issue of lobbying to allow criminals to get off easier. Yehudim and Aino Yehudim.

        I can think of a lot more useful causes to use up our ever diminishing political power and to risk fanning the ever-rising hostility to our community over.

    • You are correct. This is a controversial issue because it is geared really to benefit the “non violent” drug dealers. (That’s why the blacks are all for this) The “non violent” drug dealers really are quite violent, but categorized as “non violent” because the lawyers plea bargain their sentences. Those who oppose this, claim it will be letting violent drug dealers out of jail, and crime will increase drastically. We should not be getting involved with this issue. If they want to help with Pidyon Shevuyim, they should work it on a case by case basis, and YES, education how to prevent the problem in the first place.

  6. Can they also raise money to support republican candidates who are not pro toeiva and who do not grab votes and then try to shut down the entire YESHIVA system??????????? Those who follow true Daas Torah are not burned with terrible backstabbing.

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