Satmar to Open Girls Sleepaway Camp In Lakewood….Pennsylvania

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Satmar will be opening a girls overnight camp this summer in Lakewood, Pennsylvania due to the ban on sleepaway camps in New York State.

The camp is designated for girls from 9th, 10th, and 11th grades who attend Beis Rochel and live in either Boro Park or Williamsburg.

The campus being rented has great facilities and many places for the girls to play and have an enjoyable experience. The Vaad HaKashrus from Khal Yetev Lev is kashering two kitchens – one for milchigs and one for fleishigs. The “Vaad LDinei Eiruv” is making a mehudar eiruv for the camp so the girls have nothing to worry about on Shabbos.

The camp is currently conducting a “blitz registration” over the next two days where fathers can register their daughters either over the phone or in person.

The camp is set to commence the week of Parshas Chukas-Balak. With staff members already on site setting up the camp and the Menaheles and head counselors setting up a daily schedule, the summer is sure to be a great time.



  1. Very interesting. Camp Morris boys camp has also relocated to Lakewood PA. What hashgacha pratis. Now we can end the shidduch crisis & the dreaded age-gap hoax once and for all! Come on, let’s get cracking.

    • Camp Morris really look like the Satmar girl’s type. Good luck with your matchmaking.

  2. You see all these lies they promulgated to us that we should vote democrat is all bologna!!!! We jews have no power here what a crazy situation they put us in! Do not listen in Nov just vote republican


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