Saudi Arabia: Israel’s Arrogance Challenges the World


saudi-foreign-ministerSaudi Arabia today condemned Israel’s “arrogant” policies of building settlements in east Jerusalem, saying they violated the rights of Arabs and Muslims and cast doubt on its seriousness in peace negotiations.

In a strongly worded statement carried by the official news agency, a government official asked the Quartet sponsoring peace talks, consisting the U.S., EU, Russia and the U.N., to take Israel to task for its recent announcements to expand Jewish housing in east Jerusalem.

“Saudi Arabia is looking for explanations from the international Quartet for these arrogant Israeli policies and the insistence on challenging the international community,” the official said. “These comments cast doubt on the peace process and the seriousness of the international efforts to relaunch negotiations.”

The statement criticized Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for saying during his trip to Washington that construction in Yerushalayim would not be halted. He said Israel does not consider Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem to be settlements. About 180,000 Israelis live there.

“The kingdom strongly condemns the statements by the prime minister of the Israeli occupation in which he denied the rights of Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims in holy Jerusalem, without the slightest consideration for the legitimate rights of the Palestinians, especially in occupied holy Jerusalem, or for the international efforts to relaunch peace process,” the statement said.

Netanyahu’s comments came during a spat between the U.S. and Israel over its settlement construction as Washington is pressing to restart peace talks.

Israeli officials announced the construction of 1,600 new apartments in east Jerusalem during the visit of Vice President Joe Biden to Israel.

The Saudi statement said the timing was “surprising and astonishing.”

Today, the Yerushalayim municipality approved 20 new apartments for Jews on land bought by an American Jewish millionaire in an Arab neighborhood of east Jerusalem while Netanyahu is in Washington on a fence-mending visit.

{Google Hosted News/ Yair Israel}


  1. “Saudi Arabia just to let you know Jerusalem nor Israel are settelments .Jerusalem is the CAPITAL of ERETZ YISRAEL NOT ERETZ YISMOEL JUST REMEMBER THAT THERE ARE NO Arab neighborhoods THEY ARE ALL JEWISH NEIGHBORHOODS.

  2. well, Arabs are buying apartments in Jewish neighbourhoods, why then should Jews not buy land in Arab neighbourhoods??

  3. “The kingdom strongly condemns the statements by the prime minister of the Israeli occupation” – notice that he does not recognize Israel.By saying that he is the prime minister of the Israeli occupation, not the state- but the occupying entity. And he continues to talk?????


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