Saudi Arabia Orders WalMart to Build ‘Mechitzah’

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walmartYou read correctly.

In Saudi Arabia, WalMart stores have been ordered to build a gender separation wall – a mechitzah for all practical purposes – to divide men and women in the workplace.

The new rule, issued by Labor Minister Adel Faqih, was confirmed by Abdullatif al-Sheikh, head of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the Al Arabiya news network stated as reported by Arutz 7.

The separation barrier is required to be a minimum shiur of 5 feet, 3 inches.

Another restriction placed upon merchants in the kingdom focuses on who can sell what, and where. The commission, known on the street as the “Mutawa” or “religious police,” claimed that women said they felt uncomfortable buying personal items from males, prompting the initiative, reported Arutz 7.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. there should be separate hours for men and woman, that would be more practical. i wonder if they sell guns in wal mart in the kingdom of SA like thy sell here in america…just a thought..btw a shout out to jack cohen in toronto. wonder about the gun laws where you are

  2. There is an extremely famous joke that is said and realized by us Jewish people.

    There is a young Jewish man, who like his whole family, is totally not religious. He is so far away from Torah that he meets and goes out with and gets married to a young non-Jewish woman.

    A few days after the “wedding,” the couple is sitting in their new home; it is now Saturday morning. A bit after 11:00, the telephone rings, and the man picks it up. On the line is his father, who angrily exclaims:


    So the man replies to his father, profusely apologizing:

    “Yeah Dad!! I’m really terribly sorry about this!! I’ve been trying to come down for the last two hours, but every time I try to leave the house, my wife — MARY — will not let me go!! She claims that today, Saturday, IS THE SABBATH, and us Jews are not allowed to work today!!!!!!”

  3. What a great idea. I wish they would do that here in America especially in the Monticello store on Motzai Shabbosim during the summer. There is too much taruvo’s. Sie paas nisht.

  4. Erev Shabbos Kodesh Parshas
    Vaiyakeil – Pekuday
    Time: 2:55 PM Pacific Standard Time

    Yes, there very often is this bizarre phenomenon that our non-Jewish neighbors need to remind us of what our own Torah HaKdosha tells us we should be doing!

    A couple of years ago, at, I wrote about the urgent need that exists to UNDO and CORRECT this wrong phenomenon. Here are some quotes of a few of the key paragraphs of that essay.

    ” . . . making a Kiddush HaShem in this world is a very major part of our task in this world, and, a very major aspect of this task of making a Kiddush HaShem in this world is to be a “Light to the Nations,” which is to bring into the world the realization of G-D and adherence to His rules of decency. Therefore, when certain elements of people make efforts to try to establish some level of some adherence to some of these Divine rules of decency, there is a Chov Kodesh on us – there is a sacred obligation on us – to applaud and assist and strengthen and expand these efforts.”

    “We just demonstrated in great detail how these themes of morality . . . are key central areas of our own Torah. As such, we ourselves, with our duty to be a Light to the Nations, should already be heavily championing these issues. That there are many non-Jewish groups that are out fighting for these causes, certainly gives us much, much more of a Chov Kodesh – a sacred obligation – to make a Kiddush HaShem and show our own strong support of these items.”

    “Instead though, the exact opposite has been happening: it is non-Jewish conservative/religious oriented groups are the ones who are championing for the moral issues, while numerous Jewish organizations are pushing for all the immoral positions. This is extremely sad and greatly bizarre; it can well be termed: ‘The big lie of history.'”

    “When I began my career in the yeshiva world, I was privileged to attend Yeshiva Ner Yisroel in Baltimore. I was in a special Shiur – a special class – for beginners, which was given by by Rav Chaim Dovid Lapidus, Sh’lita. As it was a beginners Shiur, we often had little discussions about various general Hashkafa topics – topics about what our general outlook needs to be. One of these chats was about this phenomenon; the year was 1970, which was just at the end of the decade of the 1960s, that turbulent era of vehement rebellions against the ‘old order’ of life. Rav Lapidus related how it was Jews who were at the forefront of all these radical leftist movements; I can never forget how he thus exclaimed:


    “Every year on the Yamim Noraim – the Days of Awe – we beg HaShem: ‘Elokaynu Valokay Avosaynu, M’loch Al Kol HaOlam Kulo Bichvodecha!’ – ‘Our G-D and G-D of our fathers, rule over the entire world completely with Your honor!'”

    “Obviously, if we want HaShem to do this — to remove wickedness from the earth, to restore goodness to the earth, and to rule over the world with His honor — we need to show Him that we really do want Him to do it. Certainly one of the first of the key items we need to do to show that we do want goodness returned to the world is for us to correct this big lie of history.”

  5. WHAT?!? They have Wal-Mart in Saudi Arabia? When are we getting Wal-Mart here in Israel??? Dear Mr. Walton, we won’t demand anything crazy like a mechitzah from you – just rollback prices, and an American-style store. Pleeeeeease……


    The Torah states:
    ???????? ?????? ?????? Holy You Should Be!

    By us wearing immodest clothing we distance the Shechina (Divine Presence) from us.

    As the Torah states:
    ??? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??? ?????? Immodesty should not be seen amongst you!Or Hashem will withdraw his presence from you!When the Shechina departs, we are stripped of our protection ?”?.

    Maybe this is why so many Tzoros, illness, crushing poverty kids at risk, Sholom Bayis and unbearable tragedies, have befallen us.

    In the words of the Holy Chofetz Chaim tzl in a famous letter:“A huge fire has broken out in many places through the despicable styles which the power of uncleanliness has unleashed”……….
    THIS IS WHY BLESSINGS AND PROSPERITY HAVE LEFT US…….To a large degree this despicable style negates the statement of the Torah:“Your camp should be holy and there should not be found therein erveh”

    Tight-fitting, short, flashy clothing, low cut necklines, long and extravagant sheitels, flashy Jewelry etc. are contrary to Hashems Tznius standards, Besides also being the cause of other people’s sins.

    My Dear Sisters!
    Please Let us wear clothes that are befitting for Jewish Daughters. This will cause the Shechina to reside in our midst. This will bring many blessings upon ourselves, and ultimately bring the Geulah Sheleima ??”?

    ????? ???? ??????? ?????? ?????! The key to our salvation is in our hands!


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