Saudi Arabia Says Iran Trespassing on its Territory

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king-abdullah-saudiSaudi authorities have complained to the UN that Iranian helicopters flew several times over a Saudi gas field at Hasba in the Gulf, Saudi UN ambassador Abdullah al-Mualimi told Okaz on Monday. He also said two Iranian navy boats intercepted a vessel belonging to state-owned oil giant Saudi Aramco.

Mualimi said the kingdom reserved the right to respond with appropriate action to protect its territory and oil.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Good. Let them fight it out. Remember that most of the countries in the Middle East are Sunni, and regard Shia Iran as a bunch of infidels. Iran is happily trying to destabilize them through their Shia minorities. The only friends Iran really has are Russia and Syria.

  2. Too bad! Whenever you need us, you funny old king, you come crying and then after the danger is gone, you go on to trounce us! Get what you deserve, you stupid old king! Let them cook you in your oil!

  3. We don’t care about you, you silly old king! We don’t forget so fast how you came crying to us for help and the moment the danger was gone, you forgot us! You side with the Iraninas, enjoy them! Perhaps your women and their women ought battle it ouy! we’ll sit back and enjoy the sow!
    Perhaps you should cook in your oil!


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