Saudi Man Gets 10 Years for Tweets

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A Saudi man has received 10 years in prison and 2,000 lashes as punishment for expressing his atheism on Twitter.

Al-Watan online daily reported today that police in charges of monitoring social networks found more than 600 tweets expressing anti-Islamic sentiments and, for example, ridiculing Quranic verses.

The report said the 28-year-old admitted his atheism and refused to repent. Read more.



  1. The Saudis are The Scared. They do not realize that first they are not G-ds holy people and second that they are just a baffle for their own arabic community.

    Time can see they include negligent affairs in their forced community future.

    They are not that much better than North Korea when it comes to the liability of hate for a new growing country with changing patterns of human education and human voice.

    Still, if Saudi does their hate extortions against the growing secularism in their nation, they will be left with povery and blood on their swords. Eventually the sword will rust.

    Scared campers.

    The scattered sanity is evident.



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