Scandal: FBI Says Hospice Owner Told Nurses to Kill

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The owner of a medical company near Dallas reportedly told nurses to overdose hospice patients so that they would die sooner. FBI investigators say Brad Harris, who founded Novus Health Care Services in Frisco, Texas, wanted to speed up as many deaths as possible in order to maximize profits, The Dallas Morning News reports.

Communications between Harris and nurses included texts like “You need to make this patient go bye-bye.” An FBI affidavit alleges that he made comments like “if this..would just die” and said in one meeting that he wanted to “find patients who would die within 24 hours.”

In at least one case, a nurse refused to follow Harris’s instructions. It is unclear if any others were harmed.

The newspaper said the FBI began its investigation in October 2014 based on allegations that Novus was regularly recruiting patients “who did not qualify for services.” No charges have been filed against Novus or Harris. Read more at The Dallas Morning News.



  1. Nothing like one of these Einsteins leaving a paper trail. If the charges are substantiated and proven, Texas is a pretty good place for ensuring this charmer gets what he deserves.

  2. This idiot spoke out loud with his big mouth, but I would not be quick to infer from his stupidity that he’s the worst out there, nor that he’s much different from the average. If it is technically murder or manslaughter or malpractice according to the secular law, it depends on the subtleties, and usually they have good lawyers who tell them what to do and what to say. For those of us who value life, who follow halacha, who love Torah, much much care is necessary and I’d say also the assistance of a trusted MD who can explain the effects of medical choices as well as a trusted attorney who can figure out and explain us what’s really hidden behind the legalese. And of course a Rabbi and posek, but he needs to know the facts, and a layperson nowadays may not be up to it.

  3. If you there is someone you love in a hospital,
    you would be smart not to leave them alone,
    if they are older and not able to communicate
    for themselves. No one who hasn’t experienced
    what is done and worse “what isn’t done for
    patients” will believe it. I didn’t believe it until
    it happened to someone I love – and it happens
    in Brooklyn

  4. I know of a patent in a nursing home in NJ. they stopped giving the woman any liquids so of course she died they all do it.

  5. Abortions or murder of seniors – all part of the liberal culture of death. Those that vote Democrat in general elections have blood on their hands.


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