Scandal: Sanitation Workers Caught On Tape Issuing Bogus Tickets To Brooklyn Homeowners

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garbagemen1111406Local lawmakers are accusing some New York City sanitation agents of fraud and perjury.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Sen. Jeff Klein said three agents were caught on surveillance video in Brooklyn issuing homeowners tickets for violations they did not commit.

“If we know about these three false tickets, I can only imagine how many more cases of fraud there must be,” Hikind said.

Homeowner Monty Katz said he was issued a bogus summons and won the case after catching the sanitation agent on video.

“I was appalled,” Katz said. “If it was done to me, it was done to hundreds and hundreds of people out there who do not have video cameras and have to repay it because they don’t have any proof whatsoever.”

Hikind and Klein are introducing legislation which would require sanitation agents to photograph and document the condition of a property at the time a ticket is issued.

“Anyone who has ever received a violation knows it always comes down to their word against the agent’s word,” Hikind said. “With photographic evidence, there can be no dispute as to the guilt or innocence of a property owner.”

“A picture is not only worth a thousand words, but also time, money, and faith in the system,” said Klein.

Hikind said sanitation tickets carry a fine of at least $100 and that the false violations “are nothing more than a money-maker for the city.”

A sanitation spokesman said the department is investigating.

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  1. You can blame our illegal Mayor for that, his royal highness – Lord Mike Bloomberg! It’s all about “gotcha” on the backs of us hard working, tax paying citizens!

  2. Stranger things happen in Brooklyn that nobody cares about. Obviously the trick is to make money the factor in every issue. Just watch how many attitudes will change (for the better).


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