Scaramucci Calls For Trump To ‘End The War’ On Media, Appear On CNN and MSNBC


Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said Tuesday he wished President Trump “would end the war declaration on the media” and grant interviews to TV outlets other than Fox News.

“I wish the president and his communication teams would end the war declaration on the media,” Scaramucci told Sirius XM’s Dean Obeidallah, who agreed with the sentiment.

“I think you’ve got to go on CNN, you got to go on MSNBC,” Scaramucci added. “He’s a larger-than-life figure, he’s a television star. He had an award-winning, highly rated television show on a major network and he’s got a tremendous force of personality — don’t paint him into the corner of conservative news media.”

“Get him out there. He’s got to explain his agenda to the moderates, he’s got to explain his agenda to the independents, and he’ll win reelection resoundingly,” he concluded.

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  1. President Trump should NOT end the war on CNN, MSNBC and other FAKE NEWS until they’ll stop their propaganda lies and start reporting the truth.


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