SCARY: Neo Nazi Van Parks Near Shul, Calls On Member To ‘Return To Israel’

A van belonging to neo-Nazis from the Die Rechte party in Germany parked near the city’s shul and called on those inside to “leave Germany return to Israel,” BELAAZ reports.
Germany, along with most European countries, has seen a sharp rise in antisemetism in recent years. In a recent attempts to rectify the growing problem, Chancellor Merkel designated the BDS movement to be antisemitic, a move which angered many of Germany’s anti Israel activists.


  1. To the Antisemites:

    Please, make up your mind.
    The nazi european among you suggest that Jews should leave Europe and return to their homeland i.e. Israel in the middle east.
    The “palestinian” and leftist among you suggest Jews should leave “Palestine” in the middle east and return to their homelands i.e. the european countries

    There does not seem to be a consensus………………..


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