Schindler’s List for Sale: $2.2 Million


oskar-schindlerThe only privately owned list drawn up by Oskar Schindler of Jews he helped save from Nazi Germany is now for sale at $2.2 million. The 13-page list of 801 names – complied with the help of Schindler confidant Itzhak Stern – is dated April 18, 1945.

Gary Zimet, who is selling the list on behalf of the anonymous owner, told the AFP news agency that the list is “arguably the most important World War II document.”

“It’s the only one remaining in private hands,” Zimet, who lives in upstate New York, told the Daily Telegraph of London.

Zimet is selling the list on a “first come, first served” basis through his Web site

There were seven different versions of the list, he told AFP, but only four others are known to have survived. Three of those are in museums.

This list has the names of 801 men, along with their birth dates and occupations.

Schindler spent his fortune from helping Nazi Germany’s industry by feeding the Jews he saved.

After the war, he emigrated to Argentina with his wife, Emilie, but returned to Germany in 1958 where he died in 1974. He was buried in Yerushalayim at his own request. 

{MSNBC/Noam Newscenter}


  1. Somone must really need money.

    And last i checked that list was in the yad vashem museum.

    Who says its the real one?


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