School Choice Party Endorses David Storobin; Anti-Vouchers UFT Endorses Kagan

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storobin-2On Thursday, two candidates for the 48th City Council district received key endorsements showing their very different positions on funding of private schools. Republican David Storobin, a former State Senator who sponsored school vouchers as one of his signature bills, received the endorsement of the School Choice Party, which made this very issue their primary concern.

“The School Choice Party is very pleased to have David Storobiin as a candidate this year,” said Gary Popkin, the Chairman of the School Choice Party. “When he was a New York State Senator, he took the first important step in making school vouchers a reality in New York. He was the first state legislator ever to submit a bill to repeal the century-old Blaine amendment. The Blaine amendment was originally an anti-Catholic measure passed during the mass immigration from southern Europe. It is now used to imprison poor children in dreadful public schools. With David on our side, New Yorkers can look forward to better education for all our children.”

As Senator, Storobin also sponsored multiple other bills to better fund education for both general and special education in private schools.

The same day, his opponent Democrat Arkady (or Ari) Kagan received the endorsement of the United Federation of Teachers, a labor union that is the staunchest opponent of school vouchers. “I’m deeply honored to have the support of the UFT,” proclaimed Kagan.

The UFT endorsement of Arkady Kagan came a week after another anti-vouchers labor union, The Council of School Supervisors and Administrators, also endorsed his candidacy.

There are several other candidates who are running for Council District 48 besides Storobin and Kagan, including Chaim Deutsch, the leader of the Shomrim.

Given the large Jewish and Catholic population in this district, which includes Flatbush, Midwood, Sheepshead Bay, Madison, Manhattan Beach and Brighton Beach, school vouchers are likely to be a major issue in the fall elections. In multiple interviews, David Storobin already promised to make this the key issue of his campaign, which was also the case when he ran for State Senate.

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  1. Chaim,

    To reach the goal for the Frum Community, pull out and endorse David Storobin. He will do what is needed for the Tzibur.

    If you have yourself in mind or you need a salaried job then you can stay in the race but your chances aren’t too good since you will split the vote right up the middle and the Union guy will win the election, C”V.

  2. Chaim Deutsch has over 20 years of experience in protecting and fighting for our community. Chaim didn’t pretend to become frum when he decided to run for office. The choice is ours.

  3. he may have 20 years experience. So what?! SO does Anthony Wiener and Elliot Spitzer!

    Chaim has no chance in winning this race in the general election. It’s 70% Russian, and David won 37% against Felder in the overlapping areas of the redistricted Senate district. Assuming he does even half that, 16%, in the general in a race where Chaim won the Democrat nomination (which is a long-shot into itself) we are talking about a shellacking of monumental proportions! Russians are a heavily Republican voting bloc, not to mention the registered Republicans and Conservatives in Midwood, where the numbers are not so Democrat friendly.


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