Schottenstein On New Rich List


david-schottenstein26 year-old businessman David Schottenstein of Ohio has been listed #12 in a financial website’s 30 Richest Entrepreneurs Under 30. Schottenstein is estimated at $52 million.

“David is the founder and CEO of Astor & Black, his main revenue is made from his 82 independent sales representatives, from all over America,” Income Diary wrote.

“Astor & black is an online business which sells bespoke, original and very high quality evening and business wear.

“David has his team of ‘Clothiers’ who for a fair price, will come to your home and give you a unique style, enhancing your wardrobe so you look fit for the real world.

They noted that “this niche is obviously for very high end and very high maintenance type persons, but nonetheless he has made a large sum of money for what he does, and he does it very well.”



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