Schumer Blasts Trump: You Redefined Chutzpah

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer fired back at US President Donald Trump, after he said on Friday that the Democratic party has become an “anti-Israel” and “anti-Jewish” party.

“For the president, who when neo-Nazis marched in Charlottesville in front of a synagogue and said ‘burn it down’ and he said ‘both sides’ are to blame, this is a new divisive low,” wrote Schumer on Facebook.

“His comments show the president is only interested in playing the politics of division and not in fighting anti-Semitism. Mr. President, you have redefined chutzpah,” added Schumer.

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  1. Gateway Pundit) – In December 2017 the head of opposition research firm Fusion GPS admitted in a court filing that his firm paid Nellie Ohr, the wife of senior Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, to help dig up damaging information on then-candidate Donald Trump.
    The connections between Nellie Ohr and the ‘Spygate’ scandal were hidden at a distance for months.
    As noted previously at TGP, Nellie Ohr is a Communist sympathizer connected to Russia as well as a corrupt Never-Trumper.

  2. Schumer is an evil man who remained silent after John Kerry, representing Obama, said “both sides” after a Palestinian terrorist butchered 13 year old Yaffa Ariel while she slept! Shumer is a wicked man who fans the flames of anti semitism by making such inflammatory comments about a popular sitting President.

  3. Hey Chuckie, you call yourself the “Shomer of Israel”, why didnt you speak up when your fellow Democrats are blasting Israel.

  4. Mr. Schumer,
    I am a 61 year old New Yorker, and you have represented us for so long I hardly remember who came before you. If you can’t recognize the anti-semitic spiral of your Democratic party, it’s time to resign.

    • Well then, it must be the mesmerizing of the Democruds that crusted over your memory. Try Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Al d’Amato, Jacob Javits, Hillary “carpetbagger” Clinton, too name some of his predecessors.

  5. Kol aposeil, bemumo poseil.

    Chuckie, you’re supposed to be the “shomer Yisroel”. You are a posheiah in your shmerah, and are chayyov – big time.

  6. Mr Schumer, it takes one to know one..

    You and Pelosi showed the POTUS the REAL meaning of chutzpah…..

  7. In psychology, what Schumer is doing is called projection. But Chazal was there two thousand years ago: kol haposail, b’mumo posail. [although that’s not the precise wording in the gemora, it’s how it has entered the vernacular].

  8. Schumer the coward who cant condemn REAL anti-Semitism. The fake Jew along with his fake claim. He’s the one with chutzpah.

  9. wow! enlighten me Mr. Schumer, how has trump not done enough in fighting anti semitism? by moving the embassy to jerusalem? by freeing rubashkin? by deporting an ACTUAL NAZI from this country? by being the first president in history with a jewish daughter, son in law, and grandchildren?! this toxic party you and and nancy lead along with some horrible newcomers, particularly omar,cortez,and tlaib is dragging this country to the abyss. this party you lead not only has become an increasing hotbed of anti semitism, it has also become a party that advocates infanticide, claims borders are “cruel”, spits on the sanctity of marriage,is becoming more comfortable with socialism and democratic socialism, advocates for higher taxes (think New York,California, Washington State,etc.) that have pushed many to tougher standards and even in extreme cases homelessness, and has also come to embrace a fanatical and unrealistic climate change bill (the green deal) that will see the economy collapse and taxes go through the roof if fully implemented. Nice job Chuck!

  10. Schumer thinks by using the word Chutzpah it can prove he’s Jewish and proves that he will stand by Jews. Hes a self hating jew.


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