Schumer Pledges To Fight NYC Electric Rate Hike


schumerAn effort is underway to stop a planned rate hike next month for New York City electric customers. Sen. Charles Schumer promised to fight tooth and nail a potential 12 percent New York electric bill rate hike authorized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. He calls the hike outrageous and its timing all wrong.

“People are struggling. The middle class paycheck doesn’t stretch as far as it did. This is going to be another difficult thing for families to deal with, and it’s a lot of money,” Schumer said. 

Schumer says the FERC chairman has assured him that the Commission will reconsider the rate hike presently scheduled to take effect May 28.

For now, Schumer said he’ll continue to fight for New Yorkers.

“This one gets me so angry. We’re gonna hold our feet to the fire and ensure that new Yorkers aren’t forced to pay higher electric bills because some far away regular didn’t consider all the facts,” Schumer said.

{CBS Broadcasting/ Newscenter}


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