Schumer Requests Investigation Into Trump Admin Decision To Delay $20 Bill Featuring Harriet Tubman

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Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer on Wednesday called for an investigation into the Trump administration’s decision to delay an updated $20 bill featuring Harriet Tubman.

After Obama-era Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced in 2016 that such a re-design would be released in 2020, current Secretary Steven Mnuchin revealed last moth that it would be delayed until 2028.

“I ask that you conduct an investigation into decisions made at the Treasury since January of 2018 regarding the delay of the redesign of the $20 note,” Schumer wrote in a letter to Treasury Department Inspector General Eric Thorson.

 Read more at The Hill.



  1. Sorry, Chuckie, but H Tubman simply does not belong on American currency, by any stretch of imagination. Unlike other countries, the USA has images of this nation’s builders, on its bills, rather than those of writers, composers, or of some people who did something.
    If the liberals are so intent to have a black person, or a woman, featured on the $20 note, then they should find one that fits the criteria. Try MLK, perhaps, whose activities for the civil rights could certainly be considered as nation building.

  2. Mr. Schumer, why don’t you go back to holding press conferences kvetching about the high price of Cheerios? You are a classic do nothing politician who can’t get a job in the real working world. It’s bad enough you bilk us for your welfare salary every week, but just take our money and remain quiet. Please!

  3. It might well be because President Trump will, one of these days, be unveiling the new Gold-backed currencies used in the new Quantum Financial System.

    • Oh, no. What’s gonna happen with the millions of dollars laundered currencies like that of The Clinton Foundation, the UN, the Red Cross and others if all the money will have to legally be exchanged to the new gold-backed currencies?

      • No wonder the Deep State / Cabal are panicking and trying to stop it as they won’t be able to produce money anymore.

      • They were talking about revaluation (RV) for years but now they want to make Global Currency Reset (GCR) gold backed and connected to the QFS which they hope to implement by August 2019 or perhaps even earlier.

  4. Oh, This is an extremely pressing issue to all of us. While Mrs. Tubman probably is worthy of being recognized, this is not our most pressing issue. It seems like you got your priorities wrong.

    That is except if to call for an investigation scores you points. I guess you’re not Shomer after all (as you always claim to be israels “shomer”). Rather you are your own shomer. Your kovod.

  5. Just proves the old question …..What’s the most dangerous place in NYC on a Sunday….between Chuck Schumer and a microphone.

  6. She doesn’t belong in the bill. Most people never heard of her. There are thousands of people more worthy than her. This is craziness. If u insist on getting a black person on bill to get rid of guilt than at least put MLK who actually deserves it.


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