Schumer Seeks Bill to Deter Airport Body Scan Image Misuse


schumerA New York senator wants to make it illegal for anyone to distribute or record images produced by full-body scanners at airports. Sen. Charles Schumer introduced a bill Sunday that calls for punishing anyone who misuses full-body scan images by up to a year in prison. They could also face fines of up to $100,000.

Privacy advocates say there are insufficient safeguards to ensure that the revealing images produced by the machines remain private.

The X-ray scans from the machines can see through people’s clothing.

The Transportation Security Administration says the images cannot be stored, transmitted or printed and they are deleted after use.

Passengers can opt instead for a pat-down.

{NY Times/}


  1. Another case of ‘playing catch-up’! This legislation is a great idea – although a little too late! Think of how much aggrivation and hostile discourse could have been avoided had this been in place prior to the rollout of these machines!


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