Scientists Discover Why Coronavirus Patients Lose Sense Of Smell

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The key symptoms of coronavirus are now widely known as a new and persistent cough, a high temperature and a loss of taste and smell. But many have been left mystified as to why the respiratory infection would prevent someone from being able to smell.

Now, scientists say they have the answer – and it’s promising news if you’re someone who still hasn’t had their sense of smell back yet. A team of experts at Harvard Medical School have identified the cell group which is most vulnerable to Covid-19. They found the neurons that detect and transmit the sense of smell to the brain are not part of the vulnerable cells. Researchers did however discover that the ACE 2 receptor protein that Covid uses to enter human cells is found in cells that provide metabolic and structural support.

Non neural cells are found in the central nervous system.

The experts said that their research suggests that it is these cells that are responsible for anosmia (loss of taste and smell) in Covid-19 patients.

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  1. Why coronavirus patients are losing the sense of smell and taste? For the same reason that many are losing their hair and beard; have shortness of breath; dry cough; feeling of fullness in their chest; flu-like symptoms – ALL THE SYMPTOMS of 5G radiation. (5G is the same frequency as a microwave oven.) CORONAVIRUS = 5G ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION that also produces inflammation and hypoxia.

    • BRILLIANT! Now I understand why they changed the name from Corona Virus because in Hebrew ‘radiation’ is הקרנה, קרינה carana, crina, and people will instantly realize that this corona virus has to do with radiation and they’ve been fooled all along that it’s some medical issue. Over 300 birds in the Netherlands died after 5G was tested there and in Israel there are hardly any birds seen around for a while now.

      PASS THIS ON TO ALL YOUR ACQUAINTANCES and tell them that corona virus is NOT a contagious disease but it’s radiation the governments are beating down on the masses globally. Masks, gloves, social distancing and lockdowns will not stop it.



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