Scientists Link Chicken Nuggets, Cereal to Cancer

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We hate to spoil your breakfast, or supper, but a groundbreaking new study by French scientists has linked processed foods such as cereals and mass-produced bread to an increased chance of getting cancer.
The study, published by The British Medical Journal, suggests that the more “ultra-processed foods” — ones made in factories with lots of added preservatives and flavorings — a person consumes, the higher the risk of them developing certain types of cancer.


The risky foods also include chicken nuggets, chocolate bars, and sodas, basically all of the most delicious things in the world.

The team of scientists studied the medical records and eating habits of nearly 105,000 people for the project and said, while further study is needed and they didn’t want to be alarmist, the results were “consistent and quite compelling.” Read more at the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL.



  1. Back to free grazing, hunting, and gathering.
    Oh, by the way, according to modern science, the life expectancy in those times rarely exceeded 30 years.

  2. And these same experts told us that drinking coffee in the morning will cause us to die at age 28. Hmmmm.

  3. “basically all of the most delicious things in the world”
    Many people would even find a good, natural steak more delicious than sweet chocolates and soda.
    Perhaps we need to be more health conscious as a community and not make light of important health risks. And not have organizations that promote obesity for the sake of humor and poke fun at serious issues.
    All it needs is a a little will power to eat a bit healthier. ושמרתם מאד לנפשותיכם

  4. so since millions of people eat this food, I guess we are expecting millions of people will die of cancer. That will help many people who think we are over populated and the climate warming people will be happy less people to destroy the world with global warming. Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!! The world also thought we have 2 moons a month who are we going to listen to next??????


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