Scorcher Heat Wave To Intensify Over The Weekend

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A “major heat wave” is expected to bake two-thirds of the nation through this weekend, with forecasters calling for temperatures to soar across much of the central and eastern United States, the National Weather Service said.

On the East Coast, cities are already taking precautions. In New York City, where cooling stations were set up Wednesday and will remain in place through Sunday, temperatures are forecast to climb to “dangerously high levels by the weekend,” reaching the mid- to upper-90s by Friday.

The heat index, which is the measure of how hot it feels when humidity is factored in with air temperature, is forecast to reach close to reach 107 degrees Saturday, the city’s Office of Emergency Management and the Health Department said Tuesday.

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  1. Keep your ozone killing air conditioner’s at 78 degrees, on money saver mode. The peasants can manage at that temperature.


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