Second Coronavirus Wave Would Be Crushing, Psychologists Warn

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A second wave of the coronavirus would harm the public’s mental health after people built up hope during the reopening of the country, psychologists say.

“I think a second wave would be devastating for a lot of people,” Dr. Crystal Park, professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut, told the Washington Examiner. “There is a sense that we have been through a really terrible, traumatic time and we are now in a phase of reopening and recovery.”

People started to put some of the stress of COVID-19 behind them, so a second wave would “provoke a whole new and perhaps deeper sense of fear and uncertainty,” Park said. “We would be feeling like we are retraumatized and likely more distressed and hopeless than the first time around.”




  1. Are people unaware of what the words “second wave” means? It does not mean a resurgence of cases after releasing restrictions. It means a return in the fall after seemingly disappearing or nearly disappearing in the summer. Any state or country that has a resurgence now is not experiencing a second wave.

  2. If oilem goilem accepted the coroney baloney blindly without asking the minimum, i.e. the symptoms, why not a second and third wave and at the same token, sell them the Brooklyn Bridge?

    • Right. Much of the US never figured out they were fooled with the first wave – and you’re part of them.

      • So what’s the underlying message you are trying to convey? That it’s all made up? If so, you are the first Jewish conspiracy theorist I know of. BTW, just to gauge you, what’s your take on the JFK assassination and 9/11?

        • The underlying message according to whistleblowers nurses is that the casualties were from panic attacks and being hooked up on ventilators which killed them in no time; from those who were starved in hospitals; from those who had an underlying sickness; or those who got their flu vaccination which killed their respiratory immune system. Google these whistleblowers and listen to them yourself.

          Regarding 9/11, let’s hear your take: Do you believe aluminum airplanes can take out two 110 floors steel and concrete structures and crash them to ground zero in 102 minutes, burning from the top floor to the bottom in less than 2 hours?
          #2 How is it that the BBC news media reported it 20 minutes before it actually happened? Do some research and you’ll see for yourself.

          Regarding JFK assassination, do some research to find out how GW Bush died.

          • not that I believe about your whistleblower nurses point. but its laughable you trust nurses over doctors!

          • I don’t know much about what really happened at the Twin Towers. I also don’t know how all those alleged passengers on flight 93 were able to make cell phone calls, flying at 35000 feet, to their loved ones. What I do know, is that those Arabs are the best pilots in the history of the world. How they were able to fly a jetliner into the Pentagon, AT GROUND LEVEL, flying at 500 mph, without knocking down a single light pole, roof, highway sign, tree tops, guard rail, etc…is astounding. What’s even more amazing, is that the explosion at the Pentagon took place INSIDE, not outside where the plane allegedly hit.

  3. What I find amazing is that during this entire Covi 19 hoax, we haven’t heard from the medical professionals (lol) or the corrupt biased media anything about people dying from the flu or pneumonia. We haven’t heard anything about people dropping dead on the streets of Monsey & Williamsburg from the dreaded measles pandemic. Does that mean that we were being lied to by our government?

    • You’re asking heretical questions. Are you trying to wake up the sheeple with the truth about the govt? Do you want them to infect entire cities by walking the streets without masks? After all these months, haven’t you realized that coronavirus is not so bad. It killed the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, heart-attacks and all other sickness. Which is why nobody died from any of these sicknesses anymore.

      Why aren’t you also asking how come it’s politicians not medical professionals who give daily briefings and predictions describing the “coronavirus” situation?

  4. Anonymous 7:11, there’s no Reply option, so we’ll stick it to the end.
    Intelligent people would definitely trust whistleblowers over doctors, especially nowadays when doctors cannot be trusted. Look how many they recently murdered in hospitals in NY and in the UK. Besides, doctors are not obligated to do any research. They only need to follow protocol and not cause Big Pharma and the CDC any deficit.

  5. Not at 7:49 and to the wacky one below yours who lives on propaganda media, never once questioning them even if it makes absolutely no sense. Are you saving your brains for after 120 or you were just not born with any? Sorry about that.

    Of course there was a surveillance video but it happened 20 minutes before it even began as the BBC reported.

    Better question, what happened to the suitcases of the passengers? None were found. Did they all burn down to ground zero together with the buildings? But they did “find” a passport intact from one of the pilots at Ground Zero.

    • What I really call into question is some people’s intense love for looking to the (perceived) seamier aspects of everything in this universe instead of on their self-improvement, for which there has been time aplenty during this quarantine (specious or otherwise). If you’re on this site, then I can tell you straight: Open a mussar sefer and work on yourself instead of on everyone else. Hatzlocho Rabbo!


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