Secret Kaddish Over Lapid’s Father

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Eight years after the passing of Yair Lapid’s father Tommy Lapid who led the virulently anti-religious Shinui (Change) party, Yisrael Hayom journalist Yehuda Schlesinger revealed that a secret Kaddish was recited in his memory despite his instructions not to do so. Chevra kaddisha personnel told Schlesinger the following story.

“This happened when his father, Tommy Lapid, who died in 2008, was brought in for burial,” they said. “The only unequivocal instruction we got from Lapid was that there should be no Kaddish. But according to halachah, one cannot bury a Jew without first reciting Kaddish over him. We got together ten of our people and entered the taharah room to recite Kaddish there.”

People close to Lapid told Israel Hayom that Lapid heard of the story for the first time last week.

“It didn’t bother him that people said Kaddish,” they said. “Regarding this case, it was his father’s request and the mitzvah of honoring parents was important to him.”

David Steger – Israel News Bureau



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