Secret Organization Plotted To Poison Nazis


Britain’s Channel 4 announced the production of a documentary that tells the story of a secret organization of Holocaust survivors known as the Avengers, led by Vilna Ghetto survivor Abba Kovner, which planned to murder six million Germans in 1946 as retribution for the six million victims of the Holocaust.

The feature includes testimony from the last surviving members of the group as well as a 1985 tape recording in which the key members recorded what they did.

Avenger agents infiltrated waterworks of four German cities, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Munich, but failed to poison the water supplies. An attempt to target 50,000 SS officers held in POW camps in Nuremberg and Munich may have partially succeeded.

The group claimed that two future Israeli presidents, Chaim Weizmann and Efraim Katzir, were involved in getting the poison.



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