Secret, Powerful Panels Will Pick Covid-19 Vaccine Winners

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Most Americans have never heard of Dr. Richard Whitley, an expert in pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

Yet as the coronavirus pandemic drags on and the public eagerly awaits a vaccine, he may well be among the most powerful people in the country.

Whitley leads a small, secret panel of experts tasked with reviewing crucial data on the safety and effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines that U.S. taxpayers have helped fund, including products from Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and others. The data and safety monitoring board — known as a DSMB — is supposed to make sure the medicine is safe and it works. It has the power to halt a clinical trial or fast-track it.

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  1. Public eagerly awaits a vaccine? What public? Not according to Real News where all are saying they’ll refuse it even if it become mandatory.

    The winners should add to their Last Will and Testament that they be allowed to take their Nobel Prize to their graves after their injections.

    • Of course I’m not rushing to get an unproven vaccine. I have not been exposing myself to this terrible disease nor am I going to. You can do whatever you want, you can take either the disease or the Trump vaccine. I don’t care for either.

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