Secret Service Covering Up White House Cocaine For Hunter Biden, Nikki Haley Says

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The true source of the cocaine discovered in the White House is being concealed by the Secret Service in order to protect Hunter Biden, asserted Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina and a presidential candidate for 2024.

During an interview with Tucker Carlson at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa, Haley expressed her belief that there are cameras in the area where the cocaine was found, and that the Secret Service is covering up the origin of the drugs. She suspects that either Hunter Biden or someone close to the president is involved, but the authorities are reluctant to reveal the truth.

“For them to say they don’t know who this was … don’t tell me there’s no cameras in there. There are absolutely cameras in there,” Haley said. “I strongly believe this is a coverup for either Hunter, or someone very close to the president, and they don’t want to say who it is.”

A Secret Service agent found approximately 1 gram of cocaine in a storage locker located within the West Wing executive entrance on July 2. According to sources familiar with the investigation, the locker was not visible to cameras or accessible to members of Congress. However, Haley disputes this claim, stating that the area is highly secure and in close proximity to the Situation Room and the Oval Office.

“Everything that they’re saying is that hundreds of people went through this area. No, I’ve been to that area. It is the most secure area anywhere because this is where I, on the National Security Council with other members of national security, met with the president,” Haley added.

The Secret Service concluded their investigation within just 11 days, announcing that they were unable to determine how the small bag of cocaine ended up in the West Wing. They cited the lack of usable DNA or fingerprints on the drugs as a hindrance to the investigation.

Although President Biden and his son Hunter were not present in the White House when the illicit substance was discovered, it was found during a period when Hunter had been staying there. The White House has refused to address whether the cocaine originated from a member of the first family, dismissing inquiries on the matter as “irresponsible.”



  1. TO THE AP and DEMS…you can fool some of the people some of the time BUT you can’t fool all the people all the time..Yhank you Nikki, maybe future pres.

    • It’t not in order to protect Hunter Biden or his father but to protect Obama. BTW Nikki has as much chance to be pres as you have – zilch!

  2. the videos s/b made public for the American citizens to see – don’t delete them ‘cuz if you do you’re just as good as Nixon deleting his tapes of Watergate and Hillary deleting her classified emails

  3. Nikki is spreading disinformation and we will go after her just like we did with Rudy Giuliani. When will you loser coward Rino’s learn that we are in control and wield power?

    • You also one of this liars and one of the democrat corrupts.Nikki is right and Hunter Biden and his father are both involved
      and they hide everthing.The democats are corrupt all of them. and they will loose .


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