Secret Service Protecting Ivanka Trump, a Jew

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The United States Secret Service has begun protecting Ivanka Trump as of this morning, following the weekend of explosions and attempted plots in New York City and New Jersey.

It is unclear if there was a specific threat against Donald Trump’s eldest daughter – an Orthodox Jew – that led agents to begin tailing her, or if the measure was purely precautionary.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. The secret service also protected joe Lieberman when he ran for vice-president and jack leg when he was chief of staff.ivanka is not first Orthodox Jew to get secret service protection

  2. She had a kosher conversion by Rabbi Lookstein in New York. She and her family are modern orthodox. They observe Shabbos & Kashrus. (and probably all of the other Mitzvohs that we too observe) Trump has Yiddishe nachas from his grandchildren. Nice family.


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