Secular Israelis Are Becoming More Religious

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A poll conducted for Channel 2 by Dr. Ariel Ayalon among 500 respondents aged 18 to 64 found not only a higher degree of religiosity among secular Israelis, but also discovered that younger secular Israelis are more religious than their older counterparts.

73.2% of secular Israeli respondents of the survey said they either believed in Hashem (39.6%) or in “a higher power” (33.6%). The survey found that over a third of secular Israeli Jews fast on Yom Kippur, 30% of them light Shabbos candles and make Kiddush, and 37.2% of secular women take tznius rules into account to some degree. 9% of secular women and 45.9% of “traditional” women observe taharas hamishpochah. 47.9% of secular Jews avoid eating pork, 12% avoid non-kosher marine products and refrain from consuming milk with meat, and 35% of secular women said they have taken part in hafroshas challah.

Looking at the aggregate of religious and irreligious Jews, 66% believe in Hashem, 70.6% avoid pork, 53.1% married in the rabbinate, 51.4% observe modesty to some degree, 49.5% fast on Yom Kippur, 37.7% do not travel on Shabbos, 37.7% keep taharas hamishpochah and 29.9% observe kashrus.

The survey found that the degree of religiosity rose among the youth. 80% of 18-24 year-old respondents believed in Hashem compared to only 57.6 % of 55-64 year-olds. 25.9 % of the younger group categorized themselves as religious compared to 11.5% of the old group. From the age of 35 downwards, Israel Jewry has a religious majority, with only 48.8 % of Jews aged 24-34 and only 37.6 % of Jews aged 18-24 saying they were secular.

50.6 % of the younger group observed Shabbos compared to 16.1 % of the older group. For kashrus observance and shul attendance the figures were 47.1 % versus 21.8% and 22.4 % versus 14.9 %. The larger degree of religiosity of younger Jews is because of kiruv and religious Jews’ faster rate of growth.

David Steger – Israel


  1. Let us all hope that this time it ‘s for good

    We jews have been back and forth over the generations

    & Let us all keep up the good work

  2. This is thanks to the tsionist state! Its not a coincidence the bal teshuvah movement exploded after the 1967 war! People were proud to be jewish. Kol hakovod to the state of Israel!

  3. Wigwam humor really. The secular can be smart in their day but if they are atheists, they are a gold mine for just the limited thought of anything human.

    Still and still, Torah grows. We daven, the rest find tomorrow.

    That is Kiruv and rights. It works.

    So still, tune into the Red Sox for 5 minutes and let your mind float to better matters without worrying about the ball thrown to the plate. The L-rd will see it arrives anyhow and you can be a human being to study Torah and G-ds world without thinking that the umpire is going to call you out.

    A reasonable life.

    G-d is blessed. Turn off the Indians Game and pace more gematria into your study. It will do more.

    Time for more redemption? Sure. But you have to do it yourself as well.


      • Many thoughts are that your study is weak. Your own minor comment adds no liberty, adds no insight and teaches the average user and reader nothing about gemerah. If you are on to something in your conditioned thought, that would be impressive. A smart Jew at a higher level studying gematria can have a lifetime of joy and happiness. I have been considered that your input is interesting, yet I am not yet in the yeshiva and not likely to invest all of my days right now in talmudic tractates. Yet, I have felt Hashem is good in my world.

        How do you justify knocking on gematria which is a very insightful study? Are you really trying to improve k’lal yisrael or just embarrassing the idea that there is anything other than your talmudic study for all men to follow immediately. If Torah designs my life in such a manner, Talmud will be a big study in my life. I have invested much in a talmud library. Yet, right now, I am studying other things and gematria. Safely, I can bet on the L-rd.

        Thanks for the comment, but when will you study more Torah? A Torah might wants to contribute more than a taxed comment on small matters useless to real faith blessings.

        We all know that Gemerah is a good study. Are you ready for more Torah yourself? Good day.


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