Seculars Paint Sheim Hameforash On Road to Keep Away Shabbos Protestors

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intel-protest1[Video below.] The protests at the Intel factory in Yerushalayim continue to be the front-page news here in Eretz Yisroel, especially following the report of Rav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss, Gaon Av Bais Din of the Eidah Hachareidis, having been struck by police during this week’s Shabbos protest. Details of what happened there are still sketchy.

One interesting tidbit is that someone reportedly painted the Sheim Hameforash (Tetragrammaton) on the road near the factory in red paint, which would create problems for protestors who would step on the name and possibly erase it. Some individuals mentioned this to rabbonim who said Yidden should avoid walking there, so some people went ahead and covered up the name with cardboard so others wouldn’t mistakenly step on it.

Rav Weiss, however,  said that the Sheim Hamorash is not a problem, for it is no worse than a “Sefer Torah shekasvu min – a Sefer Torah written by a heretic,” which has no kedushah at all, and therefore there is no concern.

Click below for a video of police reacting at yesterday’s protests:

[media id=330 width=400 height=300]

{Yair Israel}


  1. This tactic is so terrible – that if I never thought of protesting before-I would now. Who could ever think of such a thing. Why aren’t the Police
    such “clever” about stopping Arabs from acting up.

  2. Pretty obvious, that the police want violence. The Chareidim can scream all they want, it won’t hurt anyone. But the police start the pushing, and then………. Balagan!!!!

  3. the chinuch brings down exactly how to give tochachah (if thats what they are trying to do)
    none of what he says is described in this video!

  4. chutzpah to see these worthless mamzeirim fighting against people that care to cry in the name of shabbos. what are they trying to protect anyway, the state is morally bankrupt. only fear that in a short while they’ll have to wake up and smell the cofffe, and remove their blinding nonsense gives these animals the strength to go out and act as if they’ve been taught in a nazi training school how to hate sweet and well meaning jews. p.s. unfotunately, i was unable to be there this week, but last week i met the repoter in the video, moshe nussbaum@3:30, and he said s/t like he said here, that the media is driven to be mechalel shabbos b/c of these hafganos, to which i responded, as if till then they’d been home enjoying their families and a nice shabbos cholent. p.p.s. is there no issue about showing video that was shot on the holy day, presumably involving chillul shabbos,

  5. shame on your comment – #1
    Are you Jewish, to make such a statement?
    Chanukah is coming & it was only to handfull of thoose who were Mosser Nefesh, that Hashem made a Neis

  6. Thank you #7, 10, & 14.
    Mi LaHshem Eilay!!!
    #12 BAR ILAN – You should really evaluate whether or not you have a true understanding of what it means to be a real TORAH Jew, and an Ohr LaGoyim. Or is that even something to be concerned with?

  7. OH MY G-d!
    Are you kidding me!
    What a chilul hashem these people are making!
    Most, if not all of these officers are tinokei shenishberu. Is this going to bring our brothers and sisters closer? Surely it will push them farther away! Screaming “michalel shabat mot yumat”?

  8. This is the produce of the zionist state.
    See what Rav Elchonon Wasserman writes about them in Kovetz Mamorim & The Satmer Rav in various Seforim.
    Viomar hador ho’achron – bineichem – vihanochry.
    Why are so many slanted & sympothizing with those who can do such a terrible act of writing …
    Wake up, if you are a Torah Jew when it hurts SCREAM.


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