Security Lines At JFK Airport Are About To Get Much Faster


Passengers are moving through Newark Airport security checkpoints a lot quicker since the installation of new TSA smart lanes — and similar relief is on the way at JFK, a top Port Authority official said Thursday.

“These screening lanes can move people through more quickly – about a 30 percent improvement in throughput,” Jeanne Olivier, who is in charge of security operations New York’s three regional airports, told The Post.

By the end of May, passengers at John F. Kennedy airport will get 19 of the smart lanes, funded by Delta and American airlines.

The smart lines still require the same number of TSA screeners to operate, she said. It’s not yet clear if passenger confusion about how to use the new screening system is preventing a reduction in manpower.

The smart lanes were an outgrowth of major embarrassing backups at airports during the last spring break. Read more at NY Post.



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