Seeking Warm, Caring Families to Take in Girls

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coffeeOorah is seeking warm, caring families to take in girls who need a place to live for the coming school year. Oorah is placing these girls in yeshiva and they cannot remain at home for frumkeit or other reasons. If you or someone you know may be interested in participating in the tremendous mitzvah of kiruv rechokim and is able to accept a girl into their home for this year, please contact Rabbi Yoffe at [email protected]

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. which towns ar you looking for a place?

    anyone that takes in a girl is doing an amazing thing. each girl you take in your saving an entire world, imagine if you take in 2 girls….

    May hashem reward anyone that does this or any kind of kiruv

  2. question – the costs of hosing a girl for an entire year are substantial. Does Oorah offer some sort of stipend or is there some other arrangement. please explain

  3. the cost is an extra empty room in the house that is empty anyway & a meal or 2 a day

    THE REWARD:priceless, a)in the olam haemes
    b)in this world what you can teach your children &bring them up in the chinuch of loving every yid etc… & hear the persons story….


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