Sefer Bereishis Comes to Life with 613 Torah Avenue


By M. Lowinger

It’s that time of year again.  The kids are back in school, there’s a brisk chill in the air, and once again we begin the journey through the weekly parshiyos of Sefer Bereishis. These beloved parshiyos, filled with the tales of our forefathers and the lessons to be learned throughout the ages, have enchanted young children for centuries.

It’s the perfect time to treat your family to the iconic and classic 613 Torah Avenue series Bereishis book. The book, which was first introduced a year ago, has become a bestseller and is already well into its second printing. It brings the lessons of these parshiyos to life with vivid pictures, fun-filled stories, and familiar songs that will delight children of all ages.

Published by Judaica Press, the 613 Torah Avenue book is oversized, glossy and laminated.  Included is a CD of the original recording, so children can sing along while gazing at the illustrations. Originally recorded as an album, and then as a cassette, 8-track, CD and DVD, the songs of 613 Torah Avenue are eternal and timeless. “It’s not only a medium of entertainment,” explains Rivkah Neuman, who created the series together with Cheryle Knobel. “It’s a quality vehicle for learning about the parsha.”

Ever since the book was published a year ago, there’s been a tremendous response. “Teachers, parents and children have all commented on the beautiful illustrations,” says Cheryle. “Children especially enjoy the read-along technique. This book is an excellent tool for learning about the parsha.”

Parents and grandparents will enjoy sharing the favorite parsha songs of their childhood with the next generation. And children will be delighted to discover the world of Chaim and all the colorful characters of Torah Avenue. It’s a world they will visit over and over again.

613 Torah Avenue, published by Judaica Press, is endorsed by Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein, Director of Torah Umesorah, and is available at Judaica stores near you.



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