Sefer Torah Abandoned on ShortLine Bus


moshe-witriolA Sefer Torah has been found, apparently left on a ShortLine Coach USA bus, and company officials have enlisted the aid of officials in the Village of Kiryas Yoel to find its owner.

Village Public Safety Director R’ Moshe Witriol retrieved the Sefer Torah from ShortLine headquarters in Mahwah, NJ and the bus company and he are trying to determine its rightful owner and return it.

Witriol told the Sefer Torah is between 20 and 30 years old and in good condition.

ShortLine is attempted to determine what route that particular bus had in an effort to find its owner. Witriol suspects it belongs to a minyan that spends the summer months in Sullivan County and may have brought with its members by bus recently.

For now, the Sefer Torah is locked up in a Kiryas Yoel shul.

If anyone has an idea as to who the Sefer Torah belongs to, they are asked to call the Village of Kiryas Yoel Public Safety Office at 845.782.5577.

{MidHudsonNews/Noam Newscenter}


  1. Is this the Sefer Torah that was missing from the Monsey Trails bus that blew up as it was taking the kids to Camp Munk, last week? It was told over by a choshiva Rov that had the sefer torah been on the Camp Munk bus, they would have been protected from the fire happening in the first place. Think about that.

  2. hey hesh
    unless you identify your “choshiva” rov you sound just like your incredibly naive and like to make up news.

  3. Your information would be reliable if you would identify the choshiva Rov, or if he would make a public statement himself


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