Sefer Torah to Honor Professor Alan Dershowitz for Rubashkin Efforts

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A brand new Sefer Torah will be inaugurated this Thursday in honor of Prof. Alan Dershowitz for his efforts and involvement in the Rubashkin case.

This Torah was commissioned by a prominent philanthropist, who was moved by Alan’s dedication in fighting the Rubashkin case and other issues affecting Klal Yisroel. All are encouraged to attend to show him hakoras hatov and to recognize to selfless work done by him and The Aleph Institute for countless Jews.


Siyum Sefer Torah Schedule:

5:15: Sofer completes Torah at the Jewish Children’s Museum (downstairs, 792 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11213).

6:30: Procession from the Jewish Children’s Museum to 770 Eastern Parkway

7: Hakafos – celebrating/dancing – at 770 Eastern Parkway


  1. perhaps this will inspire him to go back to the amazing roots from which he comes (i knew him well since our parents were friends) perhaps someone can explain to me why frum people hold on to every word he says. when he was in high school he told one of his rebbeim that he was an apikorus. his rebbi said: impossible! you are too much of an om ha’aretz to be an apikorus


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