SEGULAH? Poster Connects Lacetop Shaitels With Coronavirus



  1. 1 – Easy to quote people who are no longer alive. How could they argue if they are not here to let us know if they were quoted correctly
    2 – Easy to always point fingers and blame things. However, like with anything else – we do not know the ways of Hashem so it’s silly, immature and totally irresponsible to claim we know why things happen
    3 – Lacetop sheitels are made in America, in India, in Turkey, in Israel and yes also in China

    There is no possible or logical way to connect Coronovirus to lacetop shaitels. However, that being said, there is a new major concern in the world which means we each need to do a personal introspection and become better in the areas we each know we need to be mechazek in.

    Ebola came and went
    Saars came and went
    Corono virus is here and will leave soon as well.
    It’s all just a wake up call for us Yidden to be better. It’s as simple as that!

    • Hey, you left out the dreaded measles that killed so many in our community last year! We still see people suffering in the streets from the measles epidemic. I just saw a guy topple over in Shul this morning from the measles. Terrible terrible situation. The fake news hysteria was correct for once. Please don’t cover it up.

  2. Is this person a Navi? Who gives anyone the right to say that Aveiro X causes Y? Each person has to think about what message HE gets from things he sees and hears.

  3. I am not here to comment if there’s any correlation between the two as I don’t have nevuah..
    But any frum women with a drop of seichel should realize that these wigs, although glamorous looking, completely defeats the purpose of covering one’s hair, if it so neatly gives the impression as if it’s her natural hair….

  4. IMO the role of China in the world is to copy and make on the cheap
    they do very little in the way way of introducing and originating


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