Sen. Chuck Schumer Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

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schumerSen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., urged his former Senate colleague Hillary Clinton to run for President in a speech in Iowa last night, saying “it’s time for a woman to be President.”

Schumer, the third-ranking Democratic member of the Senate, endorsed the former secretary of state during the Iowa Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson Jackson dinner in Des Moines. In remarks prepared for delivery to the crowd of 750 Democratic supporters, he says that with Clinton, the party can “vanquish the Ted Cruz, Tea Party Republicans in 2016.”

“It’s time for a woman to be president,” Schumer said. “That’s why I am urging Hillary Clinton to run for president. And, when she does, she will have my full and unwavering support. You know her well: as first lady, senator, secretary and as a wife and mother. Hillary’s experience is unrivaled and her vision is unparalleled.”

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  1. Senator Schumer:
    With all due respect. Are you urging Hillary to run for President because it’s “time for a woman to be president”. Or, are you bored of the Senate, and you want a position in Hillary’s White House. (Hashem Yishmor)

    Senator, please say it as it is.
    Why is it “time for a woman to be president”?
    Shouldn’t the best man or woman win regardless of their gender?
    What a phony!!

  2. It takes one loser to know one….. This obsession with Hillary will be short lived once she decides to run. Remember she ran before and she lost to a relatively unknown at the time Senator Obama, so not sure why she thinks she has a better chance round two.

  3. “secretary and as a wife and mother”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh Pleeeeeeeease!!!

  4. He thinks he will be her VP!

    Do you expect anything smarter from this liberal that is trying to push another liberal once Co-senator from the same state to run so there will be something “in it for himself”

    Can I suggest they both retire…

  5. “vanquish the Ted Cruz, Tea Party Republicans in 2016.”

    When will we (soon) see the day when the American people can vanquish the Barack Obama, LEFT-WING MARXISTS currently in power with the sole of their boot firmly entrenched on our throats?

    When can we be free of this finger-wagging Democrat leadership that is always lecturing to us because it knows what is better for us than we do?

    Finally, when can we vanquish this $17 TRILLION national debt and $717 BILLION budget deficit and the tyranny of Obamacare so that we can get our liberty back?

    Hillary is no different than Obama. She is a disciple of Sol Alinsky. And Chuckie has been nothing more than an Obama mouthpiece since 2008.


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