Sen. Cruz Issues Statement Regarding PM Netanyahu’s Presentation on Iran

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US Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) issued a statement following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s revelations about Iran’s nuclear program:

“Today’s stunning revelations by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu powerfully demonstrate why the Obama Iran nuclear deal is not just unfixable, but truly catastrophic. The Prime Minister’s presentation was remarkable—unprecedented—and worth watching in full. Through extraordinary intelligence operations, Israeli agents captured over 100,000 secret documents and files from Iran. These Iranian documents prove that (1) for two decades, Iran has conducted a clandestine nuclear weapons program; (2) Iran lied repeatedly, and brazenly, denying that secret program; (3) the Obama nuclear deal was predicated on that edifice of lies; and (4) Iran is today in violation of that deal.

“The national security consequences of the Obama Iranian nuclear deal are twofold: First, America has allowed billions of dollars to flow to the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, a nation directly responsible for the murder of hundreds of US servicemen and women. And second, those billions of dollars have also propped up a despotic regime and provided vast resources for ongoing ballistic missile tests designed to enable Iran to launch a nuclear weapon on the American homeland.

“In light of these astonishing Israeli revelations, the course before President Trump is clear. As the President has said repeatedly, this deal is a ‘terrible deal,’ even worse than many previously realized. The United States should therefore withdraw immediately, re-impose crushing sanctions, work to encourage our allies to do the same, and do everything necessary to insure that the Ayatollah Khamenei never — never — acquires the nuclear weapons to make good on his pledge of ‘death to America.’”




  1. Jerry Nadler says it’s still a great deal and should be renewed. Jerry is one of us so he should be listened to.

  2. Well said! I just fear that since President Trump is so unpredictable he could be setting up Israel for war with Iran and while he’s sitting and tanning in Mar-a-Lago our boys and families will be in harm’s way!
    Hashem Yishmore

    • “Trump is so unpredictable”. How can one not believe CNN – the most reliable news?

  3. Two “great friends” of Israel – both Democratic Senators – also wavered on the deal.

    1. Corey Boooker (D-NJ) voted for the Iran deal. Yet, you will soon see, many in Lakewood will hold fund-raising parlor meetings for Booker, as he promises them major financial benefits.

    2. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) voted against the deal, but only after wavering about his decision right up to the last minute, until Obama gave him the “OK” to vote against the deal.

    • Don’t forget that backstabbing weisel Kristen Gillibrand who also voted for the disastrous Iran deal/give away.

  4. 1. for two decades, Iran has conducted a clandestine nuclear weapons program = true. The documents show the secret actions .

    2. Iran lied repeatedly, and brazenly, denying that secret program = true. It was already known that they were developing nuclear material, they claimed it was peaceful. The documents show otherwise.

    3. the Obama nuclear deal was predicated on that edifice of lies = maybe. We don’t know what Obama actually knew, other than that he is no great friend of Israel or Jews [or the USA]

    4. Iran is today in violation of that deal = ? Ted Cruz is a great friend of Israel and Jews. But the documents taken only show previous intent of Iran and their cover up. These documents do not contain actual evidence that Iran has violated their side of the agreement, though they have definitely funded terrorism abroad and done horrible things to their own people as well.


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