Sen. Joe Lieberman to Speak About US Support for Israel at Fleetwood Shul

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On Motzoei Shabbos Parshas Mishpatim, February 6, at 7:30 when former Connecticut Senator Joseph I. Lieberman will discuss “American Support for Israel – Fading, Firm, or Flourishing: Has the Historically Deep American Commitment to Israel Begun to Fray?”

The discussion will contemplate the erosion of support for Israel and how American Jews should respond.

This 13th annual Charles Sidlow Memorial Scholar-in-Residence program will be held at Fleetwood Synagogue at 11 East Broad Street, Mount Vernon, NY.

The event will be moderated by Allen I. Fagin, Executive Vice President of the Orthodox Union.

According to Rabbi Gedalyah Berger of the Fleetwood Synagogue, Senator Lieberman will consider issues such as, “Has the historically deep commitment to Zionism in the United States begun to fray? Are there in fact growing divisions over support for Israel, within segments of American society?”

Rabbi Berger said, “Fleetwood Synagogue invites residents of the community and from throughout the Metropolitan area to an evening of conversation with Senator Lieberman, whose outlook, experience, and expertise provide an informed perspective of unmatched depth on this critical question.”

Because of the anticipated size of the audience, pre-registration at is strongly recommended.

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  1. A recent and terribly unfortunate phenomenon is that American support for Israel has fractured along Democratic/Republican party lines. This is obviously not true for every individual politician, and even the weakened Democratic support is much stronger than almost any foreign country’s support, but it’s still a real shame.

  2. ” even the weakened Democratic support is much stronger than almost any foreign country’s support, but it’s still a real shame”

    I agree. Republicans have made Israel a partisan issue and both Dermer and Netanyahu have played along. Fortunately, all the Democrats running for President right now like Israel but sadly that could change in the future.

  3. Charlie, are you from an alternate dimension or something; on this planet, it’s dimcretins, like the ones you blindly support, that are trying their best to delegitimize Israel.

  4. Republicans didn’t make Israel a “partisan issue”; the split was already there. What their leadership did do (to their discredit – it was a low political move) was invite Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress in order to embarrass President Obama and drive Jewish and Israel-supporting voters toward voting Republican. Dermer and Netanyahu didn’t “play along”, they did what they thought was best for their country on a critical issue. Bernie Sanders has a mixed record re: Israel, but Hillary Clinton’s is far from mixed – she’s extremely anti-Israel and has on multiple occasions shown that – and I say this as someone who’s voted for her husband twice because of GHW Bush’s and Bob Dole’s anti-Israel statements and positions.


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