Sen. Kennedy: Pelosi’s Version of Stimulus Bill as ‘Popular as a Sink Hole’

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In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Sen. John Kennedy called the Democrat-controlled House version of a stimulus bill “as popular as a sinkhole.”

“There’s not a consensus on anything,” he said of a new bill that will be aimed in part to help stimulate an economy crushed by the coronavirus crisis. “But the other issues we’ll talk about will be… limiting liability for our schools and our universities, and our hospitals, we will work on trying to give relief to people laid off who lose their health insurance, we’ll talk about additional [Paycheck Protection Program], we’ll talk about additional unemployment compensation, payroll tax cut will be on the table as will direct stimulus payments to American people,” he said.

“But again there’s not even close to a consensus yet,” he said. “The only thing I’m certain of right now is that the bill we pass, if we pass one, will not be [House] Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi’s bill. It is untethered to reality and among most senators including many Democrats, it’s about as popular as a sinkhole.”

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    • Hey Pea Brain, its easier for the Matzav moderators to keep posting the same picture. This has nothing to do with what Nancy wears everyday, you anti-corona doofus

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    • How can she change it when she’s not around anymore? Why do you think she has a double who seems 20 years younger than her when she needs to do some talking? Can’t you tell the difference? Compare this Pelosi with the one who ripped up Trump’s SOTU speech. Have family and friends help you see the difference if you can’t.


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