Sen. McCain Calls Benghazi A ‘Cover-Up’

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mccainSen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Sunday the Obama administration engaged in a “cover-up” after the attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

“I’d call it a cover-up,” McCain said on ABC’s “This Week.” “I would call it a cover-up in the extent that there was willful removal of information, which was obvious. It was obvious.”

Three current and former State officials testified before Congress last week, and said they knew the attack was terrorism even as the administration was describing it as a spontaneous protest.

ABC News reported this week that talking points about the attacks were edited to remove references to terrorism. Republicans have accused the White House of downplaying the attacks in the midst of Obama’s reelection campaign.

McCain said a select committee should be convened to investigate Benghazi – and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should be called back to Capitol Hill to testify. But he split with other GOP senators who have suggested that the administration’s handling of the incident could rise to the level of impeachment.

“We need a select committee that interviews everybody,” McCain said. “I don’t know what level of scandal, unquote, this rises to, but I know it rises to the level where it requires a full and complete ventilation of these facts.”

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  1. i think this “coverup” of Benghazigate is worse than Watergate because 4 AMERICAN WERE KILLED where in watergate it was only a breakin. IMPEACH THE ADMINISTRATION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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