Sen. Ted Cruz: ‘Media Don’t Get To Decide Presidency’

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Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, blasted the media’s premature jump behind Joe Biden as the nation’s president-elect ahead of his certification, saying “the media don’t get to decide the presidency in the United States.”

In an interview on Newsmax TV’s “The Chris Salcedo Show,” Cruz, who has staunchly argued for counting “every single legal” ballot, said it is the “voters who decide the match” — and that has not yet been settled.

“The media don’t get to decide the presidency in United States,” he said, adding it is “the American people” who do.

“But we now have a series of contested results, we have recounts that are proceeding, ligation that is challenging the results,” he said. “An election isn’t final until the results are final. So everyone should give this a little bit of time to let the process play out.”

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  1. Republican talking point. Night in 2016 Trump did not have 270 electoral votes in his tally but the MATH showed he won. None of the Republicans wins are certified yet but they are in Washington going to orientation . Country over party is foreign to Republicans, it is all about power.

    • FYI, the NYT in 2016 wrote: Geographically speaking, Trump won at least 80% of the Nation. The only states Hillary carried are Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Had the machines in those States (probably Dominion machines like they did against Bernie Sanders for Hillary and what they did now for Biden) been fixed, he would have won those States too. Prove of it is that Hillary won less than 12% of the country.

      Since there was so much fraud this year which will be proven to the Supreme Court, Trump will be reelected by default as per the Constitutional law of “fraud vitiates everything”.

  2. Yes, it is final. Every election the media report the counts of the votes and the resulting electoral college tally. The media are not deciding the election. The voters did. The media are just reporting the facts. The election results are not in doubt. Sometimes your candidate loses. Life happens that way.

    • The era of fraudulent elections is over. The CIA corona criminals are not around anymore to install whomever they want and announce via their fake media their elected president.

  3. Another Republican “Menuval”. An ex-Canadian “landsman”; I’m ashamed to say.
    That’s right, Teddy Boy. The ‘media ‘doesn’t decide the Presidency. Only the American People do!! And, They have spoken!! Legally, AND, poignantly!!

    • The spoke loud and clear and re elected President Trump. The DNC which controls all ballet vote counting easily changed the votes to make sure Harris wins the Presidency. The DNC learnt their lesson from 2016, where they tried to steal the election for Hillary. With the help of a couple of Rinos, this time they were successful.


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