Senate Confirms Linda Thomas-Greenfield For UN Ambassador

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The Senate confirmed President Joe Biden’s choice to lead U.S. diplomacy at the United Nations on Tuesday. The vote for Linda Thomas-Greenfield reflected a divide between the Biden administration’s determination to re-engage with the world body and former President Donald Trump’s diplomacy that often left the U.S. isolated internationally.

Senators voted 78-20 to confirm Thomas-Greenfield to the post, which will be a Cabinet-level position.

Thomas-Greenfield, a retired 35-year veteran of the foreign service who resigned during the Trump administration, will be the third African-American and second African-American woman to hold the job.

Many Republicans opposed her because they said she was soft on China and would not stand up for U.S. principles at the United Nations. Thomas-Greenfield had rejected those concerns during her confirmation hearing, telling senators that a 2019 speech she gave to the Chinese-funded Confucius Institute had been a mistake and was not intended to be an endorsement of Chinese government policies.

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  1. This lady masters the good plan I hope. A dumb session of lark-desks writing active insults to the health of Judaism today. Bear it if the Biden’s are simple or smart. It would not be a prayer I dispel much to think that the Universe Nap is happy. Is it the Unified Nerve? Yet it might be a comment. Who is grabbing out. Israel. Some nerve.

    Hope she works it to good healthy crowded futures. We just never think that the United Nations (of crown act) are going well. UNCA. Its not the YMCA. But the buttons on the keyboards of the lawless lazy are busy. I hope not mine.

    United Quiet.


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