Senate Republican Threatens Impeachments Of Past Democratic Presidents

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The Texas Republican senator John Cornyn warned on Saturday that Donald Trump’s second impeachment could lead to the prosecution of former Democratic presidents if Republicans retake Congress in two years’ time.

“If it is a good idea to impeach and try former presidents, what about former Democratic presidents when Republicans get the majority in 2022?” Cornyn, a 19-year veteran of the Senate who last year tried to distance himself from Trump when it seemed his seat was at risk, tweeted at majority leader Chuck Schumer.

“Think about it and let’s do what is best for the country.”

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  1. This is a most superb of superb warning and threat to the severely wicked Democrat cabal, which “reminds” them that THEIR big-wigs have more than plenty of plenty of plenty of huge monster-size “skeletons in their own closets”!! Yes, Senator Cornyn is slamming it right back in their filthy faces stating bluntly: “WE CAN EASILY DO IT TO YOU!!”

    Of course, it is further quite significant that he is one of the Republicans who was NOT on President Trump’s side. So, in essence, he is saying that while he did not stand up against the fabricated election — for whatever reasons he had for that decision — he still strongly declares that to send a wild lynch mob after President Trump IS very wrong.


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