Senator Lieberman Walks 5 Miles On Shabbos to Attend Healthcare Votes

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joe-liebermanSenator Joseph Lieberman, Ind-Conn., a frum Jew, attended key healthcare reform votes this past Shabbos. Despite rumors that Lieberman would miss the Shabbos votes on healthcare reform bill amendments, the 67-year-old senator walked from a Georgetown shul nearly 5 miles to the Capitol to attend the votes, even though the weather was chilly.

The senator reportedly said he felt justified in working on Shabbos because halacha makes an exemption for actions that are for the welfare of the community – such as healthcare reform.

“I have a responsibility to my constituents, really to my conscience, to be here on something as important as healthcare reform,” Lieberman told The Hill. “If a doctor gets a call that a patient needs them, they’re not only permitted but required to go out.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. I would be more impressed if the headline read, “Lieberman quits the senate and devotes his life to Torah study and tefillah”.
    Just because he chose to be shomer shabbos, makes him no saint. He has voted in favor of very liberal issues that are keneged the Torah. Stop trying to portray him as some godol hador that was moser nefesh for yiddishkeit

  2. If Joseph Lieberman, who wrote a letter which he had other senators sign in the past to keep Jewish & American hero Jonathan Pollard rotting in prison, is a Tzadik, then who is not a Tzadik?

  3. He’s a tzaddik for trying to stop the public option death tribunals. He should go m’chayil el chayil, and have this OBAMAnible legislation defeated in its entirety.

  4. “What about Techum shabbos? was it totally inside city limits?”

    Do you know how hard it is to break the Techum within the United States? That’s definitely not the problem here.

    “He’s a tzaddik for trying to stop the public option death tribunals. ”

    Really? Do you actually believe that garbage? Please do some research – it makes you look horribly uneducated and reflects poorly on Matzav readers.

  5. Rahm Emmanuel’s brother, Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel, has expressed opposition to
    the traditional Hippocratic oath which
    places a premium on saving lives. That’s
    what a doctor is supposed to do. (the foregoing reflects the evil radicalism of the
    Obama administration.)

    We don’t want these characters making
    life and death decisions. Obama and his
    socialist companions want government
    bureaucrats to boss around doctors and their


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