Senators Reach Bipartisan Gun Control Deal: Report

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A group of Democratic and Republican senators has reached a deal on creating new gun legislation that would add more information to the database used for background checks on firearm purchasers.

The bill lawmakers plan on introducing would create incentives for states to send more information on criminal activity to the database, and also hold federal agencies accountable for sending information to the background check system.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. The fact is, the murderers since the 2016 election (if not before) have ALL been carried out by Hillary’s people. It would only make sense that guns from ALL her constituents should be taken away IMMEDIATELY.

    And regarding gun control to law abiding citizens, here’s the genius who wants to run for president, Joe Biden’s remark:
    “The man who stopped the Texas church shooting using an AR-15 rifle should not have been allowed to carry the firearm.”

  2. Federal agencies are already accountable for sending information to the NICS. They don’t do it anyway. Why is it such a big thing to make gun laws that are already laws? Obama made an executive order requiring background checks online and at gun shows even though it was already a law.

  3. We will see since Chicago has the worst record for deaths by gun, in a city where guns are totally banned you really began to wonder. The government can ban, ban, ban, and guess what there will be those guns and many others appearing in gun restricted cities. You can make lists, back ground checks, so forth and voila! there will be people who are not suppose to have guns have guns. Some are slowly trying to end the 2nd amendment to the constitution piece by piece.

  4. Good. A harmless idea. Even better is the fact that it would get these guys quiet.

    But now it’s time to discuss some serious gun laws. Namely, that any gathering of crowds larger than 200 people must have some people with guns.


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