Senior Polish Politician: ‘The Jews Are Not Humans, They Are Animals!’

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The growing trend of antisemitic outbursts among leading Polish politicians and public figures reached new heights this week, when a close ally of the country’s deputy prime minister took to social media to denounce Jews as “animals.”

“Żydzi to nie ludzie to zwierzęta!” – “The Jews are not humans, they are animals!” – an enraged Kazimierz Plotkowski posted on Twitter on Wednesday. The tweet was later deleted, after being captured by several screenshots shared online.

Plotkowski, a successful businessman, is a co-founder and former regional leader of the Polska Razem (“Poland Together”) Party of deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin, and an adviser to the Polish government on energy and mining. The party was founded by Gowin, an outspoken social conservative, in 2013 after he was dismissed from the post of Justice Minister in the previous government.

Following his Twitter outburst, Plotkowski told Polish news outlet NaTemat that he was responding to an unspecified “article” in which Poles were depicted as “pigs who robbed Jews in the ghetto.” However, his original tweet was posted after the museum at the Auschwitz concentration camp announced that it was replacing a small exhibition about a group of Poles executed by the Nazis in 1943 with another about resistance in the camp. Several influential Poles, including historian Adam Cyra, have protested that the decision demeans the suffering of Poles under the Nazis. A spokesperson for the museum told the PAP Polish news agency this week that the new exhibit would show the central role played by Polish inmates in building a resistance movement inside Auschwitz.

The virulence of Plotkowski’s response did not escape scrutiny. “It was not an ordinary comment like ‘I do not like it,’” NaTemat commented. “No, Mr. Płotkowski decided to take it in an extremely different way: ‘The Jews are not humans, they are animals!’”

The recent upsurge of antisemitism in Poland is closely connected to the passage in February of the widely-criticized IPN Act, which criminalizes public discussion of Polish collaboration with the Nazi authorities during World War II with a maximum sentence of three years in prison.

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  1. Look who’s talking. The Polish beasts helped the Nazis murder Jews and were even better at it than the Germans and they have the nerve to say that Jews are not human.

  2. Polish excuse. They voice grades based on uncircumcised inheritance.

    We are people among dogs. Let bibles speak not the final touch.

    Growth of Poland is cold bias.

    Front page deserved.

    • Fact check here:
      Bibles don’t speak, last I checked.: and definitely not “not the final touch.”
      We are among dogs: Yes.
      Growth of Poland is not cold bias; bias isn’t cold and it doesnt grow anywhere. The growth of Poland is… I dunno? please specify which growth.
      Front page deserved: Which front page are you referring to? Are you trying to say they deserve a front page for their antisemitic comments? Please clarify.
      I appreciate it : D

  3. HKB”H runs the world, every detail and comment. We have to teach our children to start having empathy, caring and sincere respect for all decent Non-Yidden, as our fellow Human Beings; then Hashem will pay us back Middoh Kneged Middoh, that the Nations will feel likewise towards us.
    Doing a favor for a Goy when it’s in public for a “Kiddush Hashem”, is not sincere love, and Hashem does not appreciate it.

    • You are right. Comments like these can be a wonder when our fellow yid is eating pork. I would not defend him either.

      Bible is so clear. Its our abominations. Hashem reminds us.

  4. The Poles’ Jew-hatred is as deep as it’s ancient. There was a reason why the vast majority of the Nazi death camps were located in Poland, as the Germans knew that the locals not only won’t object, but would welcome the Final Solution, and assist the executors.

  5. Nu, what else? I love hearing who hates me. Syria, Iran, Russia, the EU, Canada, and who else? This is so repetitious. At least in America were safe and sound.

    • “At least in America were safe and sound”.
      I can’t believe you wrote that. Do you really feel so safe. If so you’re living in a bubble. Wake up…

      • Yeah, well.. were kind of safer than in Israel where people are being stabbed in the street, in France where people are being beaten up and thrown out of windows and in the hostile environment of Sadiq Khan’s London. So yeah, America, so far, has the least amount of antisemitism. I live here and I am absolutely not afraid to walk on the streets between goyim. This whole idea that the US is not safe is pure Israeli propaganda and its lies.

  6. That’s okay. The multimillion dollar travel industry will continue to bring guillibe frum yidden to spend money there and support the locals, when they come on their exciting kever hopping tours. The board idiots with too much time on their hands don’t care that their grandparents blood is flowing thru the streets there. Let the Poles keep hating. We’re coming to visit anyway. We love supporting you. IDIOTS!!!

    • Sorry, Mr. Enough, but we don’t have to refrain from visiting our ancestors grave sites because of some babies yelling “juden”. just smile, pick up your tzitzis and say, “am yisrael chai!” and walk off.

  7. Why does a dog always bark when it comes across another dog ? Because it can’t stand “competition”,another likewise animal,which might take away it’s food or just attention. The Poles see us as dogs too,so they “bark”,hate us and speak about us in such a hatefull manner whenever they come accross us,which only proves beyond any doubt that they themselves are chayos.


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