Senseless in Seattle


seattle-bus-adBy Dovid Efune

PR experts around the country will verify that it is the bargain of the century. Forrespond with the full force and let the Hebrew hammer drop on these haters like never before. This group has unwittingly provided an opportunity for the world to be taught the lesson that if you slander the people of the book, you may just get the book thrown at you.

Today boycotts against Israel and Israeli goods are rampant and are orchestrated in every corner of the globe and often are highly detrimental to Israeli companies and educational or other institutions. There can be little doubt that the general timid reactions to a number of these efforts have shown that sponsors of such boycotts consistently get away with spewing this malicious diatribe. As opposition wanes, the message becomes more one sided and is gradually accepted as a narrative of Jewish aggression.

The King County guidelines do not allow “images and material used to interfere with public safety or insult specific groups to the point that a riot could be incited, vandalism could occur or public safety could be threatened.” Clearly these posters haven’t made the cut.

So here are some ideas for a strong Jewish reaction:

-A concerted and coordinated aggressive letter writing and call campaign that targets those running the busses and calls for the company to withdraw the anti-Jewish propaganda from their billboards. This includes reaching out to all companies that currently advertise on the buses.

-Any members of the Jewish community in Seattle that use the busses to advertise should immediately and publicly withdraw their business in protest.

-A libel lawsuit should be filed against the bus company and against the group that arranged for the ads, although it is unlikely that it can be won, the threat of legal action will serve as a deterrent, now, and in the future.

-About 10 years ago, Britain was brought to its knees when protesters lay on the road in front of oil tankers preventing them from reaching their designated destinations. Courageous young Jews should locate the garages where the busses are stored and in a similar fashion, preventing the busses from circulating their hateful message.

Although these efforts may be unsuccessful in preventing the ads from seeing daylight, it is crucially important that people know that those wishing to publicize their hateful propaganda, will not go unopposed, they and their partners will be held accountable.
If the Jewish community is to be effective in eradicating the viral spread of Israeli defamation and Antisemitism, it must be combated aggressively, immediately and in a comprehensive fashion. Lies grow, and Jewish history has shown that the actions they inspire are often calamitous.

The author is the director of the Algemeiner Journal and the GJCF and can be e-mailed at Please visit for more information.

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  1. THANKYOU DOVID of the great Algemeiner publication. We appreciate these words. Waiting for us all to get together to work on this very unmoral and unfair attack

  2. Do Jewish ACTIVISTS still exist?

    Maybe for Intel’s shabbos schedule, kevarim desecration, Vouchers for education, ——- where are the activists?

    A handful against ‘Hateful Chrisitians’, ‘Muslim 9/11 takeover’, ‘Men who refuse to give Gettim’, —a sleepy and apathetic generation which do not have ISRAEL on its radar scope.

  3. #2: You are right on the money my friend. I don’t see any Jewish activists protesting outside the Egyptian or Saudi embassies when their state-run media publishes anti-Semitic filth. We saw Muslims protesting en masse against the Muhammad cartoons but no one came out to protest anti-Semitic cartoons. How about protests against Syria and Iran for their treatment of Jews in their countries? Or maybe outside the UN for their biased treatment of Israel? Or against the missionary groups? It’s quite pathetic and sad.


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